Monday, 20 January 2014

Special Heating Ontario Offer Available For the Month of March

There are certain things you can't ignore.... like taking care of your home. You may be thinking: I already take great care of my home! My carpets are vacuumed and the windows are spotless. However, taking care of your home requires more than just the day-to-day upkeep. In order for you and your family to live in a comfortable and safe environment, you need to think about your furnace and air ducts.
Both your furnace and ductwork need to be properly maintained in order to work efficiently. Why is this so important? They contribute to a stable home temperature and even the quality of air that you breathe. Working together, your furnace heats your air and the ducts then circulate that air throughout the home. They truly rely on one another to work properly. At Heating Ontario, we understand that your furnace and ducts are essential to the way your home functions. That is why during the month of March 2014, we are offering a free duct cleaning with any furnace installation. That's right - a free duct cleaning! This special offer is in association with Canaduct Duct Cleaning, the leading Thornhill duct cleaning service.
You rely on your furnace each and every day. As it ages, though, it starts to wear down. This can cause your unit to work less efficiently, increase your monthly energy bill, and lead to more and more necessary repairs. An older furnace also increases the odds that your furnace will break down altogether. After dealing with a harsh winter, the last thing you want is to risk putting your family's comfort at risk. The reality is that if your furnace is older than ten years, it is already on the decline. Instead of waiting around and hoping that nothing goes wrong, contact one of our Heating Ontario professionals.
Every member of our team is backed by years of experience and knowledge. When it comes to furnace installation, we know how to find solutions, provide quality service, and tackle any problem. So, if your furnace has been acting up lately or is simply getting up there in years, give us a call. We can help you determine whether furnace installation is right for your home - and explain what some of your options are.
If you want to compliment your furnace installation, an air duct cleaning is the perfect way to do it. Clean air ducts mean that air can circulate easier through the ductwork in your home, saving you money and improving the quality of air you breathe. With so many benefits to a properly working furnace and clean air ducts, we are proud to provide our clients with this special limited time offer. You deserve to have the very best, so we do our best to deliver.
This March, give your home some much needed TLC. The best place to start is with your furnace! Don't wait for it to break down...look into your options now. With our special offer for a free Canaduct Duct Cleaning with any furnace installation during the month of March 2014, you'll have clean ductwork - and a furnace you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or find out more.
Tony Lester understands the importance of having a New Furnace Installation. He works for Heating Ontario and has been involved in the furnace industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the furnace installation needs of his clients.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Is It Time For a New Furnace?

Is It Time For a New Furnace?

If it's not broken, don't fix it.... right? This saying may be true about a lot of things, but not your furnace. You might be thinking: 'My furnace is working! It's a little old, but there is nothing wrong with it!' Well, your furnace might be still be working, but it may not be working efficiently. Just because your furnace is sort of working, or working well enough, doesn't mean you should ignore problems. It is time to honestly ask yourself: is it time for a new furnace?
Start by considering some basic questions. First of all, how old is your furnace? If you aren't sure - find out! Keep in mind that the average furnace only lasts between ten and fifteen years. Some furnaces last longer and some don't last quite as long. It depends entirely on how well your furnace has been maintained and a bit of luck. Once your furnace hits that ten-year mark, though, it is probably time to start thinking about replacing it. After that age, furnaces tend to stop working as efficiently as they did before. Which brings up the next question to ask yourself: Has your energy bill increased recently?
Typically, if your electricity bill is soaring, your furnace should be replaced. After a certain point, furnaces start needing more energy to perform the same job. You may have noticed that over the past several months or even years, your energy bill has been increasing, even though you haven't done anything differently. Often times, this is your furnace showing signs of wear. If your furnace is getting old and your electricity bill continues to rise, then you may want to start thinking about your furnace options.
Another way to tell whether or not it is time to get a new furnace? Think about the last time you had repairs done to it. It may have needed more and more repairs done to it recently. This is a telltale sign. Typically when furnaces start to work less effectively, they need more repairs in order to continue working. When you get your old furnace repaired, you are merely putting a band-aid on the problem. As time goes on, those repairs will become more frequent and more costly. Once you notice that furnace repairs are becoming a regular occurrence, it is time to start considering your options.
Despite the signs, many homeowners are reluctant to replace their furnace. They can be costly to replace. However, after a certain point, it is necessary. When the signs indicate that you need a new furnace, don't wait to make a decision. It can leave you making an uninformed and costly choice. If your furnace is getting older and you've noticed some signs of age, start weighing your options now. It might be time to start thinking about what comes next.
If it's breaking - fix it! There are a number of ways to tell whether or not your furnace needs to be replaced. The age of your furnace, your energy bill, and the amount of repairs needed are all signs that a new furnace is in your not so distant future. So, is it time for a new furnace?
Tony Lester understands the importance of replacing your old furnace. He works for Heating & Cooling Ontario and has been involved in the furnace industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the furnace installation needs of his clients.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Why Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Important

Why Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Important

Like any piece of equipment, your air conditioner requires maintenance. Just because it got you through last summer without needing repairs doesn't mean that you can - or should - ignore proper routine maintenance. Never assume that your air conditioner will simply continue to work! To ensure that your unit continues to run well, air conditioner maintenance is essential.
When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, there are three main questions you need to ask yourself: when, why, and what? When should I have maintenance done? Why does my air conditioner need maintenance? What does a heating and cooling contractor do? Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to understand what your air conditioner needs to run effectively.
Let's start with when. When exactly should your air conditioner be looked at? Routine maintenance should be performed annually, before you turn your air conditioner on for the summer. Your AC unit hasn't been in use for much of the year. This means that when you go to turn it on again, it may or may not be working properly. Skipping over routine maintenance could cause your air conditioner to stop working during the hottest months of the year, which may lead to more serious repairs. Rather than wait for something to happen, a professional maintenance check can keep your air conditioner working properly all summer long.
Moving onto why: Why does your air conditioner need annual maintenance? Well, maintenance prevents your AC from breaking down when you need it most. The biggest benefit to a well working air conditioner is of course, a cool and comfortable temperature in your home. This is why air conditioner maintenance is vital. Perhaps the most notable benefit to annual maintenance is the lifespan of your air conditioner. Proper air conditioner maintenance can boost the lifespan as well as the efficiency of your air conditioner. It fixes small issues before they become more difficult to repair. This attention to detail can add extra years to your unit and make sure that it continues to work well when you need it most.
The last question you should ask yourself about air conditioner maintenance: what? What do professionals look at during routine maintenance? When you bring in a professional to look at your air conditioner, there are a number of things that they will inspect. This can range from tightening any electrical connections to lubricating the parts in your air conditioner. Making sure that the electrical connections are properly tightened can increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, while lubricating certain parts of your air conditioner can reduce friction and as a result, reduce your electricity bill. A professional will also inspect the controls of your unit and ensure that the system will start and stop properly and safely. During air conditioner maintenance, a professional will also clean the evaporator and condenser coils and make sure that the refrigerant levels are correct. All of these steps help increase the efficiency and dependability of your air conditioner.
Air conditioner maintenance is important. It helps to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your unit. To make sure that your home keeps you feeling cool and refreshed this summer, call a professional heating and cooling contractor. They will be able to perform the annual maintenance that your air conditioner needs.
Tony Lester understands air conditioner maintenance. He works for Heating Ontario and has been involved in the Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance industry for over ten years.

Monday, 6 May 2013

When Should You Get a New Furnace?

Is it time to get a new furnace? This is a question that many homeowners ask themselves each year. Chances are, if you have been wondering this, than it may be time already! The simple truth is that most furnaces last for ten to fifteen years - more if you're lucky, and less if you aren't. After your furnace reaches that age, you may start to notice that it either doesn't work as well or that it requires more repairs than it did previously. When this happens, it is time to call in professional furnace installers.
To determine whether or not it is time to bring in the professionals, start by thinking about the way your furnace has been performing. Has it been acting up in the last several months? Have you had to call someone in to handle any major or minor furnace repairs? Or, is your electricity bill increasing? If you have dealt with any of these issues lately, they are strong indicators that it is time for you to replace your furnace. On the other hand, if your furnace appears to be working normally, but is between ten and fifteen years old, it still is time to start thinking about getting a new furnace installed.
The amount of time that you have to make a decision about your furnace depends on whether it is breaking down or if it has broken down altogether. When it is the middle of winter and your furnace has stopped working, you just can't wait! Don't ignore your furnace until it is too late - call in a professional at the first sign of trouble. A well working furnace is essential for the comfort of your family during the colder months, so don't neglect it!
When it's time to get a new furnace installed, turn to an experienced professional. They can help to determine: the type of furnace that will work best for your home, what model will best suit the needs of your family - like, an energy efficient model, for example - and most importantly, the type of furnace that will fit into your budget. A professional furnace installer can answer any of the questions that you may have and can help find the right furnace for your home. That is what the experts are there for!
Since a properly working furnace is imperative to a comfortable living environment, proper furnace installation is key. If you are looking for a company that specializes in keeping your house warm, contact Heating Ontario. We have the hottest furnace installers (they are professional too!). Our experienced contractors will make sure that your furnace will keep your home feeling toasty and warm, even when it's chilly outside.
Don't take your furnace installation lightly. Your furnace will be around for many years to come, so you should always choose a trusted professional. For quality furnace installation in Toronto, Heating Ontario is always there. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will help to find the best furnace that will keep your home warm year after year.
Tony Lester understands air conditioning repairs. He works for Heating Ontario, which has the hottest furnace installers, and has been involved in the furnace industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the furnace installation needs of his clients.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Finding Professional Air Conditioner Installers

When the weather gets hot, an air conditioner becomes an absolute must. Yes, a properly working air conditioner is essential if you want your home to stay cool...and if you want some protection from the heat outside! When you're looking to have an air conditioner installed, always contact experienced professionals. They will know how to install your air conditioner properly. It is important to be aware of poor Air Conditioner Installers - not everyone knows what they are doing and not every company is reputable.
Are you thinking of having an air conditioner installed? Before you do, make sure that you do some research. Doing research is an important step for any homeowner before an air conditioner installation. Start by looking into air conditioning companies that have good reputations. Read reviews from customers that details their experience with the company. This will help to give you a better idea of what you may expect if you hire them.
Don't stop there with the research! Another good idea for a homeowner that is looking into air conditioner installation? Find out what questions you should ask a professional. This will help you understand more about what you are looking for. It is also a great way to make sure that the air conditioner installer knows their stuff. Be smart and do your research. This will ensure that the air conditioner you choose is the right fit for your home and lifestyle.... and that it is installed the right way.
Let's be honest - there are some unprofessional air conditioner installers out there. Unfortunately, it is because of these unprofessional installers that many others get a bad rap. So, how can you spot the difference? If you've already done your research but still aren't sure whether or not an air conditioner installer is truly a professional, take note of how they behave. Are they overly pushy? Are they unable to answer your questions? Do they not listen to what you have to say? If you are getting a bad vibe from an air conditioner installer, don't ignore it!
It is essential that each and every air conditioner installer you allow into your home is knowledgeable and professional. The last thing you need to deal with is someone who doesn't know what they are talking about or someone who is pushing you towards something that you don't want. If you are looking for a professional installation company, consider Heating Ontario. We have the coolest air conditioner installers (they are professional, too!). They can keep your home cool during the summer months by installing your air conditioner the right way.
Make sure that your installation needs are met. You deserve to have a home that is cool and refreshing all summer long. So, when it comes to your air conditioner installer, only the best will do. Find the right company by doing lots of research and by learning more about what type of air conditioner you need for your home. Don't settle for an unprofessional air conditioner installer - find the very best.
Tony Lester understands air conditioning repairs. He works for Heating Ontario, which has the coolest air conditioner installers, and has been involved in the furnace industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the furnace installation needs of his clients.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Best Way to Prepare Your Air Conditioning for the Summer

Winter may seem endless, but eventually spring rolls around. What comes next are the long awaited warm and relaxing summer months! Are you already busy counting down the days to beaches and swimsuits? Well, these aren't the only things you should be thinking of. The changing season doesn't just mean warmer weather, though. The start of summer also means that it is time to prepare your Air Conditioning for the summer.
Overwhelmed by the idea? Don't be. Starting with the basics. Spring is the best time to prepare your AC for the summer. It is a good idea to start by calling in a professional for a routine maintenance check. Keep in mind that it is important not to wait until summer to get your air conditioner looked at. By the time those hot summer months arrive, your air conditioner already needs to have routine maintenance. The last thing that you want to deal with in the middle of summer is an air conditioner that isn't working properly! Catch problems before the happen.
When your air conditioner sits unused for many months, it may not work properly when you turn it on for the first time. Having routine maintenance done by a professional company will ensure that your air conditioner works properly throughout the summer months. An HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) contractor will be able to perform an inspection of your air conditioning unit. This inspection and maintenance will make sure that your air conditioning unit is working properly and at its best.
Think of routine AC maintenance as a preventative measure. Instead of hoping there won't be a problem with your air conditioning, do what you can beforehand to avoid potential issues. If you wait too long for your AC maintenance, then you may be stuck without air conditioning on some very hot days.
When a professional air conditioner contractor performs maintenance on your unit, they will check for a number of things. The first is that your thermostat is operating properly. It is important that your cooling system is cycling at the same temperature that the thermostat is set. They will also make sure that the controls for the AC unit are still working well and that the condensation drain is draining water properly. A contractor will also make sure that the parts are all lubricated to make the unit work more efficiently. They also need to look at the electrical connections, the evaporator and coils, the blower, and the refrigerant levels.
As a homeowner, there are a few things that you can do to prepare your AC for the summer. Start by replacing air filters each month. This simple step can actually increase the efficiency and overall performance of your air conditioner unit. You can also take note of any rooms in your home that don't seem to be cooling enough or if less airflow is coming out of the vents. If there are any issues, it may be a sign for a duct cleaning or another issue with your air conditioning unit.
Being a good homeowner means taking care of every aspect of your home. Get your home ready for the summer the right way - by preparing your air conditioner. Professional maintenance will ensure that your home stays cool all summer long.
Tony Lester understands how to prepare your AC for the summer. He works for Heating Ontario and has been involved in the Cooling and Heating industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the Cooling and Heating needs of his clients.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

When and Why: Getting a New Furnace Installed

Your furnace won't last forever - even if you may want it to! The reality is, that the average furnace lasts between ten and fifteen years. Though some furnaces may actually last longer than the average furnace lifespan, they tend to need more repairs after a certain point. If your furnace is acting up or if it's just time to move on, then you should start thinking about getting a new furnace installed.
There are two main reasons why most people turn to new furnace installation. They are either that the furnace is no longer working, or that the furnace has gotten old and will likely need to be replaced shortly anyway. If your furnace has broken down completely, then installing a new furnace becomes a necessity. You will most likely move fairly quickly to make this happen, especially if your furnace breaks down in the wintertime! However, if your furnace is simply getting old and seems to need repairs more and more frequently, or if your electricity bills are getting higher, than you have a little more time to figure out exactly what kind of furnace you are looking for.
Many people are hesitant about replacing their furnace. They often worry about the expense, and as a result, put off making any decisions until it is too late. Don't fall into this trap! Rather than winding up a shivering mess underneath a massive pile of blankets in the middle of winter, take care of your furnace. You'll be able to live comfortably by making sure that your furnace is working properly, and replacing your furnace when it needs it.
When it comes to finding out what kind of furnace you want installed, it is best to speak to a professional. They will be better able to assess your needs based on a number of different criteria. These criteria can include anything from the type of furnace you currently have, if you're looking for a more energy efficient model, and of course, your budget. These will all ensure that you are getting the furnace that will be most effective for your lifestyle.
A professional will help you decide what furnace you may need, and make recommendations based on your home. Once you have decided the type of furnace that you need, it is important to ask the professionals questions you may have. A furnace installation isn't something you should already be an expert on...that's why experts exist! A professional can answer any questions you have about your furnace installation. From caring for your new furnace to the difference between your old and new furnace, they can help you understand. If you have any concerns or questions, always remember to ask. It is better to ask a professional and gain a better understanding of how your new furnace will impact your life.
Furnace installation is a big will rely on this furnace for the next fifteen years or so. (Maybe more, maybe less, depending on proper maintenance and, well, a little bit of luck!) If you are looking for quality furnace installation in Toronto, then rely on Heating Ontario. We have over ten years experience installing furnaces in homes all over the city. Our professional attitude and experienced staff will be able to choose and install a new furnace to best suit your needs.
Tony Lester has plenty of experience with Furnace Installation in Toronto. He has been working in the industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the furnace installation needs of his clients.