Monday, 20 January 2014

Special Heating Ontario Offer Available For the Month of March

There are certain things you can't ignore.... like taking care of your home. You may be thinking: I already take great care of my home! My carpets are vacuumed and the windows are spotless. However, taking care of your home requires more than just the day-to-day upkeep. In order for you and your family to live in a comfortable and safe environment, you need to think about your furnace and air ducts.
Both your furnace and ductwork need to be properly maintained in order to work efficiently. Why is this so important? They contribute to a stable home temperature and even the quality of air that you breathe. Working together, your furnace heats your air and the ducts then circulate that air throughout the home. They truly rely on one another to work properly. At Heating Ontario, we understand that your furnace and ducts are essential to the way your home functions. That is why during the month of March 2014, we are offering a free duct cleaning with any furnace installation. That's right - a free duct cleaning! This special offer is in association with Canaduct Duct Cleaning, the leading Thornhill duct cleaning service.
You rely on your furnace each and every day. As it ages, though, it starts to wear down. This can cause your unit to work less efficiently, increase your monthly energy bill, and lead to more and more necessary repairs. An older furnace also increases the odds that your furnace will break down altogether. After dealing with a harsh winter, the last thing you want is to risk putting your family's comfort at risk. The reality is that if your furnace is older than ten years, it is already on the decline. Instead of waiting around and hoping that nothing goes wrong, contact one of our Heating Ontario professionals.
Every member of our team is backed by years of experience and knowledge. When it comes to furnace installation, we know how to find solutions, provide quality service, and tackle any problem. So, if your furnace has been acting up lately or is simply getting up there in years, give us a call. We can help you determine whether furnace installation is right for your home - and explain what some of your options are.
If you want to compliment your furnace installation, an air duct cleaning is the perfect way to do it. Clean air ducts mean that air can circulate easier through the ductwork in your home, saving you money and improving the quality of air you breathe. With so many benefits to a properly working furnace and clean air ducts, we are proud to provide our clients with this special limited time offer. You deserve to have the very best, so we do our best to deliver.
This March, give your home some much needed TLC. The best place to start is with your furnace! Don't wait for it to break down...look into your options now. With our special offer for a free Canaduct Duct Cleaning with any furnace installation during the month of March 2014, you'll have clean ductwork - and a furnace you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or find out more.
Tony Lester understands the importance of having a New Furnace Installation. He works for Heating Ontario and has been involved in the furnace industry for over ten years. It is his vast experience that allows him to understand the furnace installation needs of his clients.


  1. I have seen the effects of what can happen with the HVAC units if they are not maintained well. I had some severe issues with a house that I moved into because I didn't check the vent system. That was a really rough experience.

  2. What is the difference between a contractor and any other worker? Is the contractor like a manager or is it just a normal worker. Our heater has actually been very good this winter. About 2 years ago our heater broke down during the winter. It was so cold for the days we didn't have it.

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