Wednesday, 4 May 2011

If I Have an Electric Furnace, Why am I Paying High Prices for Gas?

Energy costs are going to keep rising, regardless of whether you are paying for gas, electricity, or both. Chances are, if you have both types of services in your home, you're seeing regular increases in rates that are eating a bigger and bigger hole in your family's budget.

The best way to contend with rising energy costs is to have an energy analysis performed on your home. Make sure all your appliances are in good repair and aren't using more energy than necessary. If you can, upgrade your appliances to energy efficient models that use considerably less energy than the older models you currently have. Wash your clothes in cold water and keep your thermostat at a lower temperature you are comfortable with.

The main appliance you should always ensure is in good working order is your furnace. Whether it is electric or gas powered furnace, an old or ill-maintained furnace will use more energy if it is not operating properly. The experts at Heating Ontario can assess your furnace and determine if it can be repaired to perform more efficiently, or needs to be replaced. We understand that a new furnace is a big expense, but the right furnace can save you money in the long run. Today's high efficiency furnace models will save you more than you think on your energy bills, keeping your home comfortable without making you feel like you're throwing money out of open windows.

Get in touch with us to schedule an energy analysis right now. The sooner you determine what needs fixing or replacing, the less you'll be paying for hydro and gas. Our representatives are standing by to help you save money!


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