Sunday, 4 March 2012

Will Duct Cleaning Solve the Problem of Uneven Heating in My Home?

It's a problem many homeowners in larger homes face: uneven heating of their homes. Unfortunately, many older homes are poorly insulated and predisposed to having hot and cold spots. But, newer homes with vented heating systems can produce uneven results for a variety of reasons. The most common, however, is the dirt and debris that builds up in the ducts and vents.

Today's modern heating systems are designed to evenly distribute heat throughout a home. When warm air travels through vents, we expect it to warm our home equally in all parts. Sometimes, places like basements or second-floor rooms do not get their share of heat because ducts and vents can become blocked for various reasons. Dirt and debris can accumulate in basement vents because of things like dryer lint, exterior dirt and pollen, and possibly small animals getting into the ductwork. When that happens, the flow of air is obstructed and restricted, causing parts of your home to not heat evenly. The higher up you go in a home, the same thing can happen if the vents or ducts have obstructions in them that prevent the air from reaching the top floor of the home.

In order to determine what is causing your home to heat unevenly, the first thing you should do is consult a heating contractor in Toronto. A heating contractor will come to your home and inspect your system to make sure you don't have bigger issues, such as a problem with your furnace that needs attention. If your furnace is relatively new and in good repair, the problem could be solved as easily as having your ducts cleaned. But, it's very important to ensure that there isn't anything else impeding the flow of warm air throughout your home.

Duct cleaning is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and save money on your energy costs. When your ducts are free of dirt, debris and other obstructions, your home heats and cools more evenly, and your family breathes cleaner air. If you haven't had duct cleaning performed in a while, it could very well solve your uneven heating dilemma and improve your level of comfort.


  1. Duct cleaning is soo important! My parents moved into an older house and theirs were terrible! Their friends referred them to someone who does duct cleaning in Toronto and now their air quality is so much better.

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  2. Duct cleaning is very fast and easy to use and if you will just have take a good care on it then it will last a few years.